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If you are interested in Lean Six Sigma as a way to boost your personal and professional growth, you will have to focus on finding the right training to guarantee you will be properly prepared for the new journey. Lean 6 Sigma is a complex methodology and you will not be able to understand everything in a short training or course that many companies and “experts” offer in Washington. Instead, you might end up wasting your time but everything depends on the specific training they are offering as well. Yes, it is a bit confusing but we need to start with one basic aspect: Lean 6 Sigma is divided into levels just like any other methodology you decide to learn.

However, instead of knowing them as “levels”, you will cross paths with the word “belts” a lot from now on since the expertise in LSS is identified with them and they determine the training you can access as well. The identification comes from the fact that LSS levels’ are represented with colors just like in Karate and you might be thinking: how does this influence your need and goal of getting trained in it?


Simple, because you need to determine what LSS belt training you will get. According to the company you choose, you will have access to different belt options. The usual ones are the white, yellow, green, and black belts but here at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Washington, we consider the white one to be kind of a waste of time. The main reason for this is because it is too basic and people who are taking the time to access training and go over it are trying to learn in order to work with the methodology or develop some skills, not to know what is Lean Six Sigma and have some simple concepts and descriptions about it.

Therefore, when you decide to access our training—which is quite known and popular in the state—, you will choose from three of them: yellow, green, and black. Which one is the best? That will depend on your goals and needs with the methodology and what you are trying to achieve when learning it. What we can do for you is to provide an overview of what you can expect from each option:

  • Yellow belt training.

Our experts will provide information and training about the basics of LSS: terminology, concepts, principles, main tools, what is Lean and Six Sigma, how it works, how can you implement it, data collecting, and measuring projects or processes. The goal is to make sure you are able to fulfill small roles within the company, be it to support other belts or handle your own responsibilities that are also essential for the team and future of the implementation.

  • Green belt training.

A review of the yellow belt is provided even if you decided to take it before or not. However, the focus of the belt is to teach you how to start and manage projects, have a better perspective of the methodology, develop your leadership skills, and approach advanced tools and elements, like control charts. The expert in this level will train yellow belts, support black belts, and be in charge of a small team to determine how projects are going within the company and continue to manage them.

  • Black belt training.

A leader, supervisor, coach, mentor, and teacher, are the roles we want every black belt to fulfill without any issues. For it, it is crucial to have a full understanding of the methodology, know when to use the tools and methods, have great decision-making, focus on problems and find solutions, and comply with all the requirements to create strategies and projects.

Can You Take Lean Six Sigma Training?

Most people who contact us are trying to get trained for one reason: more work opportunities. There is also a small group that is accessing the service to be able to work and help their companies in the implementation. With this in mind, you must know there are no requirements nor limitations about who can get trained, and instead, you should be worrying about when you will start. LSS is open for any company to use it, and the same happens when it comes to anyone who wants to learn how it works and start offering services around it, or just add some knowledge to their brains to obtain the benefits that come with it. Both options are to be considered and you will not regret them.

Therefore, if you were considering the option of investing time and resources in this, you can take the first step without worrying. Just keep in mind that you will have to make certain decisions when requesting our LSS training:

  • Do you want it online or in-person?
  • Will it be a yellow, green, or black belt course?
  • Do you need us to provide an introduction before starting? We will usually do it if no answer is provided.
  • Are you aiming for a certification?

In the case of the last one, you must know that LSS training is the key to start working or just get the knowledge you were looking for. However, a certification is required as well and something to consider when you are choosing a 6 Sigma course. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Washington, every single one of our training options comes with the opportunity to opt for your certification, which is why you have a question less to think about. And yes, the certification will be necessary and something to add to your list.

With that said, feel free to go for this process improvement methodology and train your workers if you are trying to have them implement it for you, or go for the course yourself to work in your needs or dedicate part of your work and career to Six Sigma. Whatever you choose and want, we will be here to provide you with the solutions and services required.

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