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When considering your options as a company or organization to improve processes and your performance, you should think about using Lean Six Sigma before anything else, especially if you are located in Spokane. This methodology has gained popularity in the city for two reasons: its reliability in obtaining results and how efficient it is compared to the two methodologies from where it comes from, Lean and Six Sigma. Lean and Six Sigma are also for process improvement but instead of aiming different goals and areas at the same time, it is more focused on one objective to be able to bring improvement.

Lean is for reducing waste by understanding processes and the entire production chain in the company, while 6 Sigma is aimed at reducing the rate of variations and bottlenecks. Now, what is so different about Lean Six Sigma compared to both of them individually? That it integrates both aspects: reducing waste and eliminating variations. However, it also aims for problem-solving, customer satisfaction, and ensuring continual improvement.

LSS Washington -Spokane-WA

In other words, you can consider Lean 6 Sigma (LSS) to be the best version of these two methodologies and bring great results in a shorter period of time. With this in mind, In Spokane, companies have realized this and decided to include the methodology instead of investing in Lean and 6 Sigma separately considering the resources and time it takes compared to just using LSS. But in order to use the methodology, it is necessary to have well-trained and qualified experts handling the projects in your business. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Washington, we have experienced LSS consultants who are able to handle all the responsibilities that come with the implementation:

  • Control quality management.
  • Reduce waste.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and variations.
  • Achieve process improvement.
  • Focus on the company‚Äôs growth.
  • Achieve results in terms of performance and productivity.

However, if you are aiming for other goals like getting trained and certified, our team can also provide you with these services.


Is It Worth Getting Trained in Lean Six Sigma?

If you are trying to be valuable for companies, boost your professional career, and develop valuable skills, you should definitely invest in Six Sigma. After all, it does not take too long to complete any of the belt training options we offer and it is not expensive either. Most people in the city decide to access this methodology as a way to either bring improvement to their companies or to themselves due to how requested experts in LSS are and not only for implementing it but also for other job positions.

You, as the expert, will benefit a lot from just the basic knowledge but you can always go deeper into the methodology by taking a different training in the future. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Washington, we will guide you in the process and make sure you get all the benefits from knowing how the method works and getting certified by our company, which is one of the few in the entire state that can issue LSS certifications.

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