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How does a process improvement methodology work? This will depend on the one you are choosing for your company in Kennewick or yourself—in terms of learning it. If you are unsure on which one you should go for, what about considering Lean Six Sigma? Among all the process improvement methodologies right now, Lean 6 Sigma competes with the Japanese Kaizen method and since it was created for this very reason, you can expect it to be a top option for your business.

Now, what happens if you are not too clear about any of them? To make it simple, Kaizen focuses on continual improvement by aiming for small but significant actions in a company, and this has proven to be quite effective. With this in mind, how does Lean 6 Sigma compete with this? By focusing on two main areas within a company: waste and variations. Lean 6 Sigma comes from the combination of Lean and Six Sigma, two process improvement methodologies that aim for different goals in order to achieve the main one but you will not have several objectives when implementing only one of them.

LSS Washington - Kennewick WA

In other words, you will notice that Lean is aimed at waste reduction by understanding processes and the entire production, but it does not go beyond this. Meanwhile, Six Sigma is for eliminating variations and finding problems, but there is no particular focus on other areas besides variations and bottlenecks. The reason why Lean Six Sigma is better than them separated and Kaizen is the fact of aiming for waste, variations, but also have a special focus on problem-solving, customer satisfaction, and ensuring a continual improvement with the changes and required additions in a company.

As you can see, a lot is involved with LSS and for its implementation or to be able to learn how it works, hiring experts will be required. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Washington, we are able to provide you with consulting and training services to cover all your needs and goals with the methodology. Our consultants are well-trained and experienced, while our trainers and teachers are more than prepared to make you a great expert based on the belt level you choose.


Should You Invest in Lean 6 Sigma?

If you want your company to be successful, remain competitive, and grow, you need to go for an efficient and cost-effective methodology. If you want to boost your professional and personal lives by learning something valuable, Lean 6 Sigma continues to be the best option. Any of these situations is what tells you why you need LSS, but many other reasons can come up based on your goals and how you want to approach the needs of your company. For whatever you choose or need for your company or yourself, you can rely on us as long as Six Sigma is involved and our experts will do their best to ensure you are satisfied and ready to work with it and grow thanks to Sigma.

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