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Implementing a methodology in a company requires more than one person in charge of the projects and along with this statement, you should also know that different types of experts are also required. Therefore, when it comes to Lean Six Sigma, make sure you have from white to green belts and more. Now, how do you know which belts are the most crucial ones, or is it truly important to pay attention to this? More than being aware of the belt experts you have in your company, it is a matter of choosing how you will handle the implementation: by hiring talent or developing it.

If you are going for the second option, this means you will need to be involved with the belts that, in case you did not know, they correspond to the levels of expertise in Lean 6 Sigma. Training your workers in the methodology is a great way to have your own team and make sure you are aiming for long-term projects instead of short-term ones and the current processes and results you have to deal with. Now, in what belt should you train your workers to make sure they are able to provide the services of other experts in the methodology?

LSS Washington -Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

A green belt is a great start if you are not looking for an introduction but rather training that provides enough knowledge and skills to have your workers starting and managing projects in a matter of weeks. Usually, people start with a yellow belt in order to learn the basics, but considering there is no need to go over it to start a green belt, we highly recommend going for the latest when you have specific goals. For companies and their workers, a green belt means they will be able to start working on the implementation without any issues. However, for individuals, it is a way to be more involved in projects and start working in leadership roles instead of small ones.

Everything depends on your needs and goals, which is something we will always repeat due to our experience. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Washington, you can trust our team when it comes to advice but also services and solutions. If you are making the decision of choosing a green belt training or maybe hire experts in it, we have the answers for it considering that our company offers everything you need related to LSS.

Why A Green Belt Is Better?

Following the previous mentions, there is more to it than the fact of adding more topics and skills to learn compared to a yellow belt. Before you make any decision, it is crucial to be well-informed in the options you have available, either if you are a company or an individual in this case. During yellow belt training, you will go over terminology, principles, concepts, data collecting, and the basics about Six Sigma. This means that with the knowledge you are going to acquire, you should be able to fulfill small roles within a company like data collecting, reporting project issues, helping with problem-solving, and going over specific but small tasks.

Then, what makes a green belt better in comparison? If you are someone that is aiming for more besides what we mentioned about the roles and job positions, you will need a green belt since the training covers topics such as:

  • Six Sigma tools.
  • Problem-solving.
  • DMAIC.
  • SIPOC.
  • Risk mitigation.
  • Regression analysis.
  • Customer requirements.
  • Expectations.
  • Decision making.
  • Strategies according to the company’s needs and goals.

The training you get during a green belt course is completely different but you will start by going over the essentials of a yellow belt. Therefore, you might be missing the information from a yellow belt but depending on the LSS course and experts you choose, you can end up with a review of the previous level to be well-versed for the green one.

Now, a green belt ends up being better when you want to do more than just have some knowledge and skills to work with Six Sigma. If you are trying to:

  • Fulfill leadership roles.
  • Be involved in projects and strategies.
  • Train yellow belts.
  • Handle problem-solving and sometimes, decision-making.
  • Have an excellent salary.
  • Work close to team leaders and supervisors.
  • Obtain valuable skills for other job positions and roles besides those in LSS.

Then, you definitely will need a green belt more than a yellow one in comparison to everything you are aiming for.

How Long Does It Take to Obtain A Green Belt?

The best part about Lean Six Sigma training is that it does not take too long regardless of the belt you choose for yourself or your workers. A yellow belt tends to last 2 weeks at most, but when it comes to a green one, you might get it up to 3 weeks and this includes the entire process of training, exam, and certification. Obtaining a green belt does not mean you only completed the training but also has to do with the fact of getting certified in the belt. If you want to fulfill roles, offer services, work with your company, or do anything related to your LSS training and efforts, you will require the certification in the corresponding belt.

With us at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Washington, you can obtain the green belt in 2 weeks most of the time since it also depends on your availability and if you take the course online or in person. Regardless of the one you choose, our trainers will make sure you are able to step the less time possible in the belt training to ensure you start working in no time. And along with the training, we have included some experience to prepare you properly and provide examples about how your usual work will be. Therefore, do not worry about how long it will take but rather start thinking about when do you want to take the green belt training for your company or your personal goals.

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