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Working with a methodology for process improvement takes more work than it seems for some companies and businesses and, as a result, they end up having to fix all the mistakes made so far with it. If you are in Vancouver and this methodology is Lean Six Sigma, make sure to find the right experts. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Washington, we have been able to provide a wide range of services around Sigma and this includes implementing or integrating it into any company that requires it.

But besides being able to handle projects that go around the methodology and the company needs to use it; we have put a lot of effort into including training and certifications in it. Lean Six Sigma can be learned by anyone interested in it and even companies can rely on training their workers in specific levels of expertise in the methodology, which will allow them to build their own team of experts in the future.

LSS Washington -Vancouver-WA

The decision of hiring experts to implement Sigma or training your workers will depend on how much time you have, your budget, and the results you are expecting from the integration. But whatever you end up choosing, we will be here to guarantee you go for the right service and everything is what you expected of it or even better.

What Lean Six Sigma Service Do You Need?

The solution you choose for you will depend on your personal situation or company you own and what you want to achieve. For those looking to implement the methodology to start obtaining results, consulting services are the best alternative and our LSS consultants are well-trained and experienced to take any task and responsibility regarding this need. When it comes to getting trained, keep in mind you can either choose to have your employees trained in Six Sigma or take it yourself to start working with the methodology.

In our company, Lean Six Sigma Experts of Virginia, we work with three types of training: yellow, green, and black. Those correspond to the belt or level in the methodology. The yellow belt is recommended for those with zero knowledge about the methodology and are just trying to add some value to their curriculums and fulfill small roles. But a green belt involves more than the basics and principles of 6 Sigma but rather all the tools, how it is implemented, and how you can choose the right strategies and create them based on the situation.


Finally, a black belt is perfect for those aiming for a full understanding of the methodology and wanting to fulfill important roles like leaders, mentors, coaches, supervisors, and even teachers for the entire LSS team. When you access our training, you will be able to request our LSS certification as well and ensure you demonstrate your compliance according to the belt training. Whatever you end up choosing, keep in mind it is a matter of your goals and needs at the moment and in the future, and we will be here to cover all of them.

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