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Going from zero to a hundred will require the right methods and strategies in a company, which is why most businesses in Pasco are relying on Lean Six Sigma as their main tool and methodology to improve processes and their performance. This methodology has been around since the 80s and its popularity has never gone down, but it has indeed increased over the last 5 years. The reason? Its efficiency in the current companies and business types in all industries. Companies used to choose methodologies that were easier and simpler to follow so they could be able to integrate them themselves and without having to hire experts or develop talent. However, they have proven to be quite inefficient when it comes to achieving the desired results in no time.

For process improvement, Lean and Six Sigma exist and they are the two methodologies that were combined to create Lean Six Sigma. In the past, both of them were integrated either separately and according to the needs and goals of the company, but due to the appearance of the Japanese Kaizen methodology, a method like Lean Six Sigma was needed, which focuses on more than just one goal.

LSS Washington - Pasco WA

Instead of being the waste reduction or eliminate variations, LSS aims for both and still adds more objectives and solutions for certain problems within a company. This means you get more in just one methodology instead of having to invest time in going for them one by one. Now, is it difficult to work with Lean Six Sigma? It is due to the need of using the right strategies, not general ones based on the steps and processes provided by the methodology itself.

If you are located in Pasco, our company Lean Six Sigma Experts of Washington can offer you all the solutions you need to start integrating the methodology into your company, and this includes either handling the process ourselves or having people trained in it from your own workers and team. Just let us know what approach you prefer and we will make sure our experts follow the lead.

Is It Better to Develop or Hire Talent?

Everything depends on three aspects: time, budget, and expectations. If you are short in time and need to start achieving results as soon as possible, you do not want to rely on the option of training your workers since it does not take too long to complete the LSS training options we offer but rather develop expertise in the methodology. LSS consultants—hire talent—are much faster and experienced in the method as expected, and they will make sure you obtain results in a matter of weeks, not months.


However, they can be more expensive and you might want to go for the training option if you have some time to spare. Finally, do not expect the results from your workers to be top-notch at the beginning since everything is about experience and expertise. In short: consultants are better for quality and fast results while training workers will be perfect if you have the time to wait for them and in a long-term matter. Whatever you choose, we at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Washington will be delighted to assist you.

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