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Lean Six Sigma training is key if you are trying to be a professional in the methodology or just meet some requirements to work or help the company where you are occupying a job position at the moment. However, just like training, certification will also be crucial for your future performance. Most companies and experts do not explain that after LSS training, a certification is required and you can opt for it if you completed any of the belt levels in the methodology. Now, why do they omit this and choose to let you know as soon as you complete the training—at least, most of the time—?

Because they are probably unable to issue your certification and only provide training in several belt levels. Issuing Lean 6 Sigma certifications is not simple and companies or experts that want to do it have to comply with many requirements and regulations according to the international standards and guidelines.

LSS Washington -Lean Six Sigma Certification

In Washington, it may not be too hard to find companies that can offer you the service, but you need to make sure that the LSS certification you are obtained is valuable and recognized in not only your city and by a few people, but also in several states and countries since 6 Sigma is international. Therefore, whenever you are looking for belt certifications you need to keep in mind the:

  • Value of the certification.
  • If it is known or not—the person or company issuing it.
  • If it is legal by considering the requirements the party certifying you need to comply with.
  • Making sure that it provides the certification for the belt training you complete.

The ideal situation would be to find the company or experts that are able to offer both services: training and certification. At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Washington, we take this solution to heart because we know that in many cases a training means nothing without certification and we want to make sure that you and everyone else is able to obtain all the benefits after completing an LSS course. And the best part about getting your certification with us is the fact that you will not have problems having people and companies recognizing it as legit or not.

What Lean Six Sigma Certification Should You Get?

Learning and investing time and resources in Lean 6 Sigma is not a bad investment no matter what training or certification you take. Overall, it is one of the best decisions you can make for either a company or your personal growth. With this in mind, we need to tell you this: there is no better certification than others. We want to make this clear since people tend to consider some unnecessary and instead of understanding why they are actually an option; they just choose the one that looks more complicated. Lean Six Sigma certifications are divided into levels and belts that are just the same classification as the training you can access.

White, yellow, green, brown, black, master black belts, and many others that are official or not, are available and you will read or hear a lot about them. If you want to determine the one that fits your needs and goals the most, you need to understand what you obtain from each one and what do you learn in each training:

  • White belt: it is the most basic and uncomplete belt in the methodology since it only focuses on what the methodology does and what it is. Getting a certification in it does not bring professional or personal benefits nor growth.
  • Yellow belt: considered to be the introductory level, you get the chances to fulfill small roles in collecting data, measuring projects and processes, working with green belts, and solving problems thanks to the basic knowledge but essential one you get during the training.
  • Green belt: the certification allows the expert to start and manage LSS projects thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired during the training.
  • Black belt: with the training + certification, you should be able to fulfill roles as a leader, supervisor, coach, mentor, and teacher, giving you more opportunities to climb within the team but also in the company you are working with or for.

Now, a Lean Six Sigma certification should go according to what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to complete your curriculum with some valuable knowledge and skills? A yellow or green belt is more than enough. But if you are trying to truly work with the methodology, getting to the point of a black belt certification is the key and you can either jump right straight to it or start with a yellow one and follow the respective progress.

What Lean Six Sigma Certifications Are Available?

Assuming the question is directed to our company or the certifications you can obtain from most experts, it will vary. Not all companies and professionals offer the same certifications and instead, focus on the same ones that are available for LSS training. In our case at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Washington, we offer yellow, green, and black belt certifications for people who complete any of the belt training options with us or can prove their compliance with one of the levels after getting trained by other experts. The common requirement is to take the exam and score at least 290 based on 400 points. The international exam cannot be avoided and it will be different according to the belt certification you are trying to opt for.

That being said, you can rely on us if you are interested in any of these three belt certifications and you can rest assured that in the blink of an eye, you will get certified without further difficulties. Just make sure to let us know if you are going for a complete service—training + certification—, or are just an option for the LSS certification after getting trained in other companies and by different experts and trainers from ours.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

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