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Most people in Renton are interested in Lean Six Sigma for one reason above anything else: it helps them to improve their companies or even themselves. How is that it helps to improve companies but people as well? It is a matter of perspective and knowing how the methodology benefits both parties. For companies and organizations, Lean 6 Sigma entails a way to improve processes and performance by reducing waste and variations. Unlike other process improvement methodologies, LSS is more focused on several areas instead of only one, bringing results to not one but rather several aspects in the business.

To make it simple, let’s suppose your company is not implementing Six Sigma right now—which is probably the case—and you need to improve processes to make them more efficient. A common methodology for this would focus on one problem for the processes, like an inefficient step or some waste in the production. You will be able to notice some improvement, but not as complete as using LSS.

LSS Washington -Renton-WA

Why? Because with Six Sigma you aim at reducing waste, eliminating variations and bottlenecks, focusing on your customers, addressing problems after finding them and their root causes, and allowing employees to be more involved. In other words, you are addressing more than one area and therefore, issue within the company. This is what makes LSS so important and relevant for companies and it is a matter of boosting their future and growth for good.

For individuals, the perspective lies in how much they learn during Lean 6 Sigma training and their value once they complete it. Any expert in the methodology is requested in several companies and industries. Therefore, you will be valuable even if you learn the basics about Sigma but are able to fulfill small roles within the team. Also, what you learn in the training is useful for other areas and job positions, which is why we at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Washington encourage you to take the challenge. And for it, our company will support you in providing LSS training in the main belt levels and consulting services if you are in need of integrating the methodology in a company as soon as possible.


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We have been working in the industry for over a decade and if there is something we can tell you is that we understand how the methodology works for each company, not as a general overview or plan for it. With this in mind, you can choose our consulting services if you are looking for LSS consultants who are reliable and well-trained to deliver guidance or even handle the entire integration process. As for our 6 Sigma training: we offer the yellow, green, and black belts to cover the ones that actually matter in the methodology and will allow you to work within a team or company. We are well-prepared to deliver services to anyone in the city and we are confident you will feel satisfied with the results we are going to help you to achieve.

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